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  • Easy-to-use secure email

  • Strongest email encryption

  • End-to-end public key encryption

  • Can send secure email to anyone

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A World of Postcards - Imagine you live in a world that does not have envelopes. All personal letters you send or receive are postcards. Even worse, each postcard you send out and receive will pass through dozens, if not hundreds, of automatic copier machines to make an infinite number of copies of your personal letters. These copies will be carelessly scattered and spread around all over a globe filled with spies and identity thieves.

- This is not fiction. It is the reality of email communication today!

How many servers ("copier machines") does your email travel through? Click here to find out.

The Magical Envelope - Now your friends can send you personal letters each enclosed in a magical envelope. After you tear open one of them to read a letter for the first time, all these envelopes suddenly turn into steel! In addition, all future letters sent to you from users of these magical envelopes will also be sealed in steel envelopes that nobody can break. You are the only person holding the key that can open them. You also get unlimited supply of such magical envelopes and can use them to send personal letters to anyone who has a mailbox. You can now rest assured that your personal letters cannot be spied upon anymore.

- EaSecure is the electronic equivalent of such a magical envelope. It is the only secure email software that provides end-to-end public key encryption yet works with the ease of an envelope.
Click here to find out how it works.

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  • Strong end-to-end public key encryption

  • Send to ANYONE who has an email address

  • Certified Receipt

  • Works with web-based emails (yahoo mail, Hotmail, and Gmail)

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